Delusion of a Vixen.



Can it be tomorrow?

Can it be tomorrow?

How come one single text from u-can make my day? This is ridiculous!
Manicure: “Sibirian Night’ by O.P.I
Ring-private designer from Paris

Manicure: “Sibirian Night’ by O.P.I

Ring-private designer from Paris


Get a moment

Take it all

Wont take long until u’ll fall.

Suck it up

And walk ur pride

My luv for u today have died.

Part time lover-full time friend

Life has brought us to its end.

Second chance’s alot to ask

Time commanded us to threw our masks.

This is me

And this is u

What I say

And what u do

Take away my paradise

At the end, we’r full of lies.

Give a little

Take a little

Lie a little

Fake a little

Mess my mind

Make it my fault

U cant turn ur dust to gold.

One more year and I’ll be fine

Will it ever cross ur mind?

I lost someone to adore

U lost someone who could give u more.

Seems like this was all my choice

I couldn’t swallow my own voice.

Love a little

Hate a little

Be on top-ur never in the middle.

Tell me what I want to hear

Now I will believe it, cause the end is near.

Who were u?

A stranger?

Or my all?

Now it doesnt really matter

What you’re called.

No reaction-carry on

Prove that ur not made of stone.

No one knows u but urself

Does it make u happy,all the wealth?

Thats not what u really need

Leave the passion, leave the greed.

Were u fooled by the attraction?

Have u only looked for satisfaction?

Damn it,when I hear ur name

It can make me go insane!!!

Finally Im letting go

And I thought that u should know

Theres no girl in this whole world

Who will luv u more, just trust my word.

Please dont think of me when ur with someone else

This is it so far,thats what my story tells.

Broken heart will always heal

But it wont ever stop to feel.


Michelle Shapa (c) 

In charge?

Who follows the rule of the word?

He makes it seem to exist.

No signature on the paper

Still sounds so real I might take the risk.

Believing that once time will pass

He unwillingly wont be in charge

It’s the role of everyone else

To continue what he starts.

I might demand the proof.

I may fight for what’s promised mine

But why should I look for a pen

If I’ve never been asked to sign?

Michelle Shapa (c)

Remember who moved on from the beginning?

Please let me go

I promise I wont change a thing

That has to do with u -feeling a king.

Cause I don’t care about your pride

And all I want is to be on the safety side.

I could react the other way

I could have got begged u to stay

Yes, I could lie, Yes, I could cheat

I did it both, I will repeat.

I will get lost, I will get loose

I will be damaged, Ill seduce…

I wont be asking-so u wont refuse.

And if u put me through a test

I hope u do it in your best,

Cause no one knows how long it lasts

The pain you’r carrying in your chest.

Remember, who moved on from the beginning?

If this was all a game-then u are winning!

I guess thats what will make u come…

Or go or have another round.

Enjoy, she’ll never be like me

But with her u will be so free

No fights, no chase, no heart attacks…

U know-everyone have their lacks…

From complicated to the easy

U even know WHO are u teasing?!

Cause u are out of my new state

U changed the best-so its too late

Goodbye, and thank u

Little boy…go find yourself another toy

I thought Ill miss u, truly did…

But now Im playing on the other field..

Michelle Shapa (c)

St-Tropez.I needed that sun!

St-Tropez.I needed that sun!